Chiara Cordeschi (Sardinia, 1996) creates her works starting from her personal biography and experience. She analyzes herself through art and translating reality in visive actions. The practice of photography self-portrait or proiection of self are combined with collage, scultpure, archival materials and other media. Cordeschi puts on stage actions planned in advance and isolates the subjects to make them coincide with the concept. The use of her body is performative and instrumental, a camaleontic support for various expression.

2020. "Arboreal-The Human Tree" - project curated by O.Sànchez - PARALLEL Contemporary Art Fair, Wien, AT
2020. "Arbo-real" - curated by O.Sànchez - Hinterland Gallery, Wien, AT

2020. “Visage de l’Europe” - curated by ICC Paris, EUNIC e FETART - Square de la Tour Saint-Jacques, Parigi, FR
2020. Menotrenta, In-Difesa, "Arte e cultura contro la violenza di genere" - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan IT
2020. "Chronos - a matter of time", Camera Work off, online collective exhibition curated by S.Camporesi - Ravenna, IT
2019. "Ricordi?", by Settimio Benedusi - Via Tortona 5, Milan, IT
2019. "ImageNation Arles", Voies Off Festival, curated by M.Vegas - Galerie des Arénes - Arles, FR
2019. "Da Man Ray a Vanessa Beecroft", Brescia Photo Festival, curated by M.Trevisan - Museo di S.Giulia, Brescia, IT
2019. "Future", Riaperture Festival - Ferrara, IT
2019. "Stranger than fiction", LoosenArt Gallery - Millepiani Space, Rome, IT
2019. "Sguardi altri sulla ricerca e la cura dei tumori" - Grattacielo Pirelli, Milan, IT
2019. "Other Identity", curated by F.Arena and B.Spagnulo - Palazzo Ducale, Genova, IT
2018. "Colors Human Reflection, Phifest", Contemporary Photography Festival, curated by L.Taccardi - BASE, Milan, IT
2018. AAAperto, Museum outdoor of contemporary art - Aggius, IT
2017. "Ricordi?", by Settimio Benedusi - Milan, IT

2020. "Chronos - a matter of time", CameraWork Off, Palazzo Rasponi 2 - Ravenna, IT - finalist
2019. "Future", Riaperture Festival - Ferrara, IT - winner

2019. Performer for Cesare Viel, "Più nessuno da nessuna parte" - PAC, Padiglione Arte Contemporanea, Milan, IT
2019. Sotheby's Institute of art, Student charity auction - London, UK
2018. Reportage for National Cancer Institute - IRCCS Foundation, Milan, IT
2017. Reportage for project "A Regola d'Arte", with Mediafriends Onlus - Milan, IT

2020. La Lealtad, MEX
2019. F-Stop Magazine, UK
2019. La Nuova Sardegna
2019. Queef Magazine, IT
2018. BestSelected Project, IT
2018. Artpil, FR

2020. Chronos, CameraWork Off, catalog, IT
2020. Kamala Magazine, "Corpo Contenitore", curated by Lo Studiolo Gallery - IT
2020. MulierisMagazine, "Shame", curated by OTTN Project - IT
2019. "Sguardi altri sulla ricerca e la cura dei tumori", catalog, IT
2019. BestSelected Vol.II, curated by V.Pandolfi, IT
2017. Stop Magazine issue two, UK

2019. Archivio Nazionale dell'autoritratto, Musinf Senigallia, IT
2018. AAAperto, Outdoor Museum of contemporary art - Aggius, IT




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