Be a Woman

Be a Woman is an autobiographical project that analyzes the main phases of every woman’s life through the artist’s personal life. The past is sublimated in archival materials and performative self-portraits; the future is projected in female figures of the author’s family. The portraits of these women are for Cordeschi like her future self-portraits. For she the individual story is a starting point for establish some pivotal events of female life, such the birth, menstrual cycle or be in love. So the personal becomes universal and also make a social critique of gender stereotypes, anxieties and frustrations experienced by women today in the Western world. In every stereotype we think we see there is a complex and individual reality. At the same time, the stereotyped images reveal to us part of the world we have built.


My Sister’s Ultrasounds


My Mom without Utero

In my Period

Melanin Missing – Islands in her skin

Metamorphosis I – the old age

Metamorphosis II – the menopause

Failed marriage – 01.10.1989 // 24.09.2005

The death of my grandpa, their father and her husband

My grandma with the bust

My scoliosis


Beauty is a torture

The pyramid of duties

Disoriented Loves – Letters never delivered