"Body in other bodies - Family (self)portrait" is a collage obtained by breaking down and reassembling 31 pieces of body belonging to the author and the women of her family. It's the condensation of six different people into a single image. The genetic-family relation led to a study on these bodies that, different and unique, still have similarities. The composed imaginary body is the sum of the most peculiar and recurring physical characteristics.
This new depersonalized physicality through a non-face wants to symbolize that women, all of them, share first their gender condition. This element, in itself so physical, is sometimes capable of generating an a principle of empathy. The collage image suggests the idea of a free, visibly imperfect woman who, with open arms, wishes to welcome what she has before her.

Two images taken from the previous work of the author "Be a Woman" are part of collage.

Body in other bodies - Family (Self)portrait - 2020
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Body in other bodies - Family (Self)portrait - 2020
Body pieces
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Body pieces